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The Story of Prickly Pears

Published onFeb 22, 2022
The Story of Prickly Pears

In memoriam of abandoned villages in Cyprus since 1974.

The music piece, The Story of Prickly Pears, created by Serra and Mert with the poetical story written by Emrah and Yael. Their story takes place in somewhere abandoned due to political clashes, since sometime in the world. However, somehow life goes on there, at least for the prickly pears and other wild inhabitants, as many creatures in the world should have to be…

4’12’’, 2020
Music: Mert & Serra Özhan-Hocaoğlu
Lyrics: Emrah Gökdemir & Yael Navaro
Sound project by Mert & Serra Özhan-Hocaoğlu part of the Dystopic Symptoms

Dystopic Symptoms is an artist collective, which is hung out between past and future. The collective tries to express their stucknesses, criticisms, concerns, and feelings about shallow political discourses, every kind of bigotry and bias, anthropogenic hazards, in short failures of the Anthropocene, through creating art pieces that are in hybrid performative forms. The collective members are Emrah Gökdemir, Mert Hocaoğlu, Paweł Korbus & Serra Özhan-Hocaoğlu

Preview: Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

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