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Published onFeb 22, 2022

A Horn in The Neck is an effort to collectively negotiate individual practices. It was launched by simple premise (as most of these things often are) Dürer's Rhinoceros. German painter and printmaker Albercht Dürer's woodcut from 1515 is based on a written description and a brief sketch by another artist. Dürer placed a small twisted horn on the animal's back and gave it scaly legs. This woodcut then become the basis for other artists representations of the rhinoceros. Claiming this speculative space between reality and representation both as a material and framework, the artists worked with the fragmented perspectives, linear and fractal narratives, landscapes as sites of reproduction, hierarchies of seeing, and processes of naturalizations. A horn in the neck is an exhibition of works by Hilal Güler, Merve Ünsal, İpek Burçak Ayfer Karabıyık and Andara Shastika. Exhibition space designed by Berk Asal (ON/OFF)

A selected art work from the exhibition;


Video, @Ayfer Karabıyık, Duration 19:39 min.

Ayfer Karabıyık is a painter and she produces with drawing, texts, video, and sounds. On this multi-disciplinary scale she interest in ontologically Museology, objects, Semiology, artistic and scientific texts, visual poetry, artist books, songs, streets, signs, words and voices, actions, reflexes, codes dancing, spaceflights, wormholes, watching bacterias -living on own eyelashes- and nature.

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